Adventures with Ernie

Oh! Hi there, friends! I’m Ernie. I see you’ve come to play in the park with me. Great. Now if only we had something to play with. 


 Hey guys! I found a stick! 


I have to take it through my stick-quality inspection, officially known as the Stick to Nose Inspection Fan Fair or S.N.I.F.F. *Sniff sniff sniff* hmmmmmm…. *sniff sniff* interesting, very interesting *sniff sniff*…….. 


 Bleck. This stick does not pass. On second thought, I’d rather have a ball. 


HOLY MOLEY! I found a ball! What are the odds of that?!


Ok, ball. Do your thing. Anytime now. Go ahead, bounce around, fly through the air. Why are you just sitting there?  


 Well I’ll just have to SCARE you into moving! RAAAAAWR!


And off he goes! Wait…where DID he go!?!? 


 Wise guy, eh? Well I can be silly too. 


Ok, guys, the ball was fun, but it’s time to cool off. Time for a dip in the water where I am really in my element. I possess the beauty and grace of a Mermaid.


I waddle…er…glide in the water with ease!




 Now it’s time to channel my inner swimsuit model and shake off that aqua! 


And I’ll finish that up with a bit of air drying! Wee!


Well, folks, it’s time for me to head home and get my beauty rest. I know what you’re saying. With a face like this, there’s no need for beauty rest. See you later!



See Spot Rescued Adoptable Dogs 03/12/14

Hello, hello! See Spot Rescued has some terrific dogs available for adoption right now, and I’d like to feature a few of my personal favorites! Let’s meet some of these spectacular pooches, shall we? 

First, allow me to introduce you to Margot Robbie! Margot is a lovely golden brindle, and she has a lovely golden personality to match. Margot is looking for someone that will cuddle with her. She told me that she enjoys laying in laps, even though she may not exactly fit in all of them. Her hobbies include smiling, playing with toys, and being cute. Wonderful!


Look at that lovely smile! 


Well, hey good lookin’! Next up we have the oh-so-handsome and debonaire Roland “Champ” Bailey. Champ says he’s one sporty fellow who loves getting attention from his admirers and fans, and with that face, there’s no shortage of those! I asked Champ if he had any secrets. He said that despite how dignified he looks, deep down he’s a total goofball that loves to play and be silly…er…don’t tell him I told you. 


Yes, Champ has considered a career in modeling. 


Ok, people, this next pup is a real Treasure! Bruno Mars the Dalmatian mix is an absolute delight. This spotted boy loves going for walks and is a real joy to take a stroll with. Cool, calm, and collected, Bruno’s in no rush on walks and happy to hang out by your side as you take in the sights and sounds together. He may not sing a song for you, but he’ll have you singing his praises for sure. 


Bruno wants to know if you’d like to take a walk with him. Pretty please? 


And last but certainly far, far, far, from least is Joyce Dewitt who has been with us since the end of November. Quite frankly, we have no idea why…well…we have a hunch. You see, Joyce is pretty close to perfect. She is as happy as happy can be, and the perfect balance of playful and laid-back. However, through no fault of her own, Joyce’s former owner had her ears cropped, and we are sad to say we think this may be why she’s getting overlooked as she resembles a fighting dog. But there’s not even a bit of fight in this pup, just a LOT of love. She greets everyone with a wiggling tail AND body topped with a big goofy smile. She loves going for walks and plays well with other dogs. She loves to grab a toy and play around with you or snooze quietly by your side. Joyce says she’s not sure why she hasn’t gotten a home yet, but she hasn’t given up hope yet. So look past those ears and make this sweet girl’s year by welcoming her into your family. 


I think Joyce looks like a Platypus in this photo. Too cute!


Let’s spread the word about these fantastic fidos! You can download an adoption application at HERE and email it to To see more adoptable dogs, please visit the See Spot Rescued Facebook Page

See Spot Rescued Pupdate - Sydney

At the beginning of the year I met an adorable little See Spot Rescued pup named Sally Field whose bouncy personality made her a fast favorite of mine. Here she is bouncing about.

I get to meet so many pups as a volunteer and always have such a blast capturing their personalities in their bio photos. But what is particularly great is getting to meet up with them post-adoption, especially when they were just little goofy puppies when we first met. Here is Sydney when she first arrived…


 …and all grown up!


 She was a master of the head-tilt as a young’un


 And continues to practice this fine art as an adult.


 Those feet looked a touch big for her back then…


 But she’s grown into them with ease. 


 You’ve grown up to be quite a stunning girl, Sydney, and we know that’s in part to all of the love and care you’re getting in your new home with your wonderful family. We couldn’t be happier for you!


If you have a former See Spot Rescued dog of your own and would like to do a photo shoot, don’t forget that SSR adopters get $100 off the $175 session fee AND 50% off prints! That’s my way of saying thank you for adopting from SSR. Email me at for more information or to set up a session!

Life's A Ball

Well, well, well, that is one handsome snout!


And it just so happens, that snout belongs to See Spot Rescued graduate Bruce Willis, now known as Dash! Hi Dash!

Dash: Well, hello there, as you can see I’m just as handsome as ever. 

JLT : You certainly are! You look great, Dash, and happy as can be! How have things been since you were adopted?

Dash: Well, Jenna….I have to tell you, life is a BALL! Haha, get it? Because, look I’m holding a ball. 

JLT: Yes, yes, I get it, Dash, very funny!


Dash: Yes, this is my buddy, we play hide and seek together. He’s not that great at hiding…or seeking…but I enjoy it nontheless.

JLT: Not to be a tattle-tail, but it looks like you’re peeking to see where he’s hiding.

Dash: Well sure, I have to keep one eye on him…sometimes other dogs want to steal my friend.


Dash: I also frolic with him, see? He LOVES zooming around with me. 

Jenna: I can’t blame him, it does look like you can go pretty fast…though I could probably do without the slobber…and teeth, but hey as long as he enjoys it!


Dash: Oh, yes, he never protests, so he must be loving it. And sometimes we just roll around in the grass together and laugh and just have a great ol’ time. 


Dash: Yep, Jenna, I have to say being adopted was just the greatest thing ever. I have a the greatest home and I’m so happy I have my best friend, Ball with me. 

Jenna: I agree, looks like life is pretty darn good, Dash!

Dash: Ah, it sure is. I couldn’t be happier. 

Jenna: Well, I couldn’t be happier FOR you!


 Hey, speaking of “Dash’s,” this guy below is named Dash Mihok! He is available for adoption through See Spot Rescued and he could use a happy ending just like the Dash above! For more information on this “dashing” dude, click here



Wally The Border Collie

I’ve been spending some quality time photographing herding dogs lately, and I’d like you to meet Wally, the Border Collie!

JLT: Wally, you’re looking a little down, what’s wrong?

Wally: Well, I’d really like to go herding today.

JLT: Oh really, well, I have a question for you…


JLT: Wally, would you like to show me how you herd sheep? I’ll take that smile as a yes!


Wally: Ok, I have a game to play with you while I herd. It’s called “Where’s Wally.” 

JLT: Sounds like fun!

Wally: Yep, I can be pretty sneaky. Ok, close your eyes…


Wally: Ok, try to find me! 

JLT: Hmmmmm, where is Wally? He wasn’t kidding when he said he was sneaky…


Wally: Pssst, I’m right here, silly! 

JLT: Ah-ha! There you are!


Wally: Ok, enough games, time to show you how I can move the sheep around. 


JLT: Uh oh, a few are getting away!

Wally: No problem! I’m on it!


 JLT: Wow, Wally, you really are fast! You got them back to the flock in no time!

Wally: Yep, I’m fast as can be, look at me go!


JLT: I have to admit, it’s pretty fun watching you work!

Wally: Yes, I work hard, but I love what I do. And look how pretty it is where I work! Sure beats a cubicle!

JLT: I’ll say!


A big thank you to Dr. Matt Mason of Blackwater Veterinary Services (the best vets around!) for inviting me to photograph his working dogs. Wally was photographed as part of a personal photography project I’m working on about herding breeds that I hope to eventually turn into a book. These are some truly wonderful and incredibly intelligent dogs. The project will feature photos of a variety of herding breeds doing a number of activities they excel in. There is also an educational aspect to this project. While many people are drawn to the looks and eager to please attitude of many of these breeds, they’re unaware of their energy and mental stimulation requirements and sadly end up in shelters and needing to be rehomed. My goal is to help people better understand these dogs through beautiful imagery of them doing what they do best. I’m currently looking for canine “models” in the New England area to participate in this project. If you or somebody you know has a herding breed and would like to have them photographed, please see the information on the flyer below and send me an email at Your dog does not have to be active in herding or any other canine sport - I’m also looking to include candid portraits of these breeds for the project, so even if your herding breeds is simply a companion, that’s great! Thanks for spreading the word!


Talent Show Tuesday 8/20/13

Wahoo! It’s Tuesday yet again! It sounds like we have a pretty interesting talent lined up for today. Let’s meet our talented pooch right now! Say hello to Rufus! Hi Rufus!


Rufus: Hello, hello! I think you’ll find my talent is quite unique, you see I can make some pretty funny faces.

JLT: Hmmmm…funny faces? Ok, let’s see it!




Holy Moly!




Rufus: Pretty good, eh? 

JLT: I’ll say! There’s a trick I certainly can’t do! Ugh, let me guess though, you can also touch your nose with your tongue?

Rufus: Can’t every dog?

JLT: That’s what I always say! There you have it, folks! Thank you Rufus for showing us some truly ridiculous faces for today’s Talent Show Tuesday! See you next week!

You can see past talented pooches here!

Talent Show Tuesday 8/13/13

Hello and welcome to another installment of Talent Show Tuesday! Today we have a TEAM of talented dogs! Let’s meet this dynamic duo, shall we? 

JLT: Allow me to introduce you to Elton. Say hi, Elton.

Elton: Hi, hi, hi, everybody!


 JLT: And Jules!

Jules: Why hello there!


JLT: Ok guys! You told me you have something pretty spectacular for us today. 

Jules & Elton: Yes, but first, we’d like to give a quick shout out. We were both adopted from See Spot Rescued and we’re now living the good life and we’re especially lucky because our mom makes ice cream! Check out Milk Sugar Love if you’re in the Jersey City area!

JLT: Sounds like you hit the jackpot!

Jules & Elton: We sure did, thanks See Spot Rescued! Ok, I think we’re ready now. 

Elton: Ready, Jules? One, two…..


Elton: THREE! Tah-dah! We can play jump rope!


JLT: Wow! Tah-dah is right! Well done, well done! That’s incredible, guys!

Jules & Elton: Thank you, we have one more thing though.

JLT: Oh, jeez, here we go…

Jules & Elton: We can touch our noses with our tongues…AT THE SAME TIME!


JLT: Well…I suppose that takes a bit more talent than the past participants, so I’ll allow it. Let’s get a round of applause for Jules and Elton!

See you next Tuesday! And be sure to check out the past week’s talented pups here.

Puppy Problems

This post is not about what you think it is. I recently met with ten puppies, and they had something to tell me. 


It’s not easy being a puppy. 


Toys are almost always bigger than you are. Sigh.


Solid ground just isn’t always where you would like it to be. Jeez. 


There’s always the potential of having one of your nine siblings stealing away the leaves you worked so hard to find and chew on. Hmph. 


This happens. 


You have to learn the hard way that going through a bucket is a lot harder than going around it when getting from point A to point B.  


Sure, putting your foot in your mouth is embarassing. Try having somebody else put their foot in your mouth. Way worse. 


 But they’re also really cute. 


Really, really, cute. 


Super cute. 


Ridiculously, unbearably, cute.


So cute, that when they all latch onto the photographer’s pants, she doesn’t mind. Being a puppy has its advantages too guys. Seriously, how can I say no to those faces? Those pants needed hemming anyway…

Don’t forget to check out the new and improved - the dogs have taken over!

Talent Show Tuesday 08/06/13

Step on up, folks! It’s Talent Show Tuesday! I’m happy to say that my very own Reuben will be showing off some amazing talent of his today. Let’s get started:

JLT: I had no idea you had been working on something, Reuben, this is so exciting! So, tell us what you’ll be doing today. 


Reuben: Ahem, I’m The Great Reubini, and for $50, I will perform my great and amazing trick. 

JLT:  Well “Great Reubini,” may I remind you who feeds you every day and gives you lots of treats, and toys, and love, and….

Reuben: Ah, yes, well, today I have a special discount just for you! No charge…

JLT: That’s better. So what is this incredible trick you have for us?

Reuben: Yes, well, today, I will wow and amaze you by telling you your fortune!

JLT: Oh good grief…ok, let’s see this…


Reuben: Shhh, this requires deep concentration…wait just a minute…yes, hmmm, almost there, oooh great and powerful spirits, tell me what is in this lady’s future…Yes, I see it! I predict that you will see a dog on a rock in the very near future!

JLT: Uh huh, that’s my fortune.


Reuben: YES! Here he is!

JLT: Reuben…this seems like a pretty good scam you’ve got running here.


Reuben: The Great Reubini does not tolerate non-believers. The Great Reubini delivered an accurate prediction. Hmph.

JLT: Ok, well, thank you Reuben for participating in today’s Talent Show Tuesday.

Reuben: Wait! Wait! I’ve got something else I can do!

JLT: Great! WAIT! This better not be what I think it’s goi…


Reuben: Bleeeeeeh, TAH-DAH! I can also touch my nose with my tongue!

JLT: Oh for goodness sake…

See you all next week for another installment of Talent Show Tuesday!!! Or as I’m beginning to think it should be called, Touch Your Nose Tuesday…Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the past Talent Show Tuesdays: Ezra and Owen has been updated! take a look!

Talent Show Tuesday 7/30/13

Welcome everybody to Talent Show Tuesday where dogs dazzle and delight you with their incredible talents and tricks! This week, we turn the spotlight on Owen the Dachshund. 


JLT: Welcome, Owen! You appear to be licking your chops. Are you going to eat us? 

Owen: No, I’m hungry for FAME.

JLT: Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see what you’ve got for us! Drum roll please…badadadadadadada


JLT: Tah-Dah! Owen can sing!

Owen: That’s right! I’m a canine crooner. I love singing Elvis songs…my favorite is of course…Hound Dog, HA!

JLT: Err…you didn’t mention comedy would be part of the act… Anyway, Owen does actually have a second part to his act. Can we get a, uh, second drum roll please? Badadadada


JLT: Tah-Dah! Owen can ALSO dance! 

Owen: You got it, I’m a dancing Dachshund. I trained as a classical ballet dancer. Aren’t I graceful and elegant? 

JLT: Most definitely, Owen. But you say you have even one MORE part of your act? 

Owen: Yes, while I was most impressed by Ezra’s talent of touching his nose with his tongue last week, I can top it.  

JLT: Ok…let’s get a…third drum roll. Badadadadada


JLT: Tah-Dah! You can dance AND touch your nose with your tongue. You know guys, the whole touching your nose with your tongue thing isn’t particularly…

Owen: Tut tut, I don’t want to hear it Jenna. I’d like to see YOU do it. 

JLT: Well I can assure you, I can’t, but I’m not a dog…oh nevermind. VERY impressive, Owen, very impressive. That’s it for this Tuesday, folks! See you next week for more terrific talents and tricks!